Akash DAS

A legend of Indian advertising and winner of more than hundred national a international awards Akashendu Das (everyone calls him Akash Das) has many firsts to his credit in the field of visual communication and photography. He is the first photographer in the world to hold a solo exhibition on Asian Elephants. Titled In Search of Asian Nudes the exhibition broke new grounds not just in its theme but also in stylization. A unique blend of art and wildlife photography, the images are reminiscent of highly finished and intricately detailed etchings by old masters. Photographed in their natural habitat, mostly in northern India, the elephants appear just as beautiful as the hundreds of beautiful models Akash has launched in his long advertising career.

Not surprisingly, the photographs have attracted a great deal of media attention and international interest. Exhibitions are being planned in Europe and the US. Sotheby’s, one of the most prestigious international auctioneers, in association with WWF are planning an auction in Amsterdam, the proceeds of which will go towards initiatives in preserving elephants.

Many French and Indian top magazines have featured his work. He is the only photographer to have Featured in Limca Book of World Records regarding his unique work.

A keen environmental and social consciousness has always been a hallmark of Akash’s work. Even in the highly commercialized world of advertising he managed to create ripples with his socially conscious images. He is the first photographer / creative director in India to create mainstream ads based around social issues like Aids, Homosexuality and such like. This happened much before global brands like Benetton came up with their controversial social commentary ads. So, in a way, Akash can also be considered a world pioneer in socially conscious advertising.

In fact, Akash was instrumental in changing the look of Indian advertising, particularly fashion advertising. In his long and illustrious career with top agencies like Enterprise, Rediffusion, Clarion, Everest Ushak-Kaal, Capital and Mudra (as Executive Creative Director), Akash has won more than 120 national and international awards. Which is not surprising, considering that he is the first person to combine the skills of an art-director with that of a commercial photographer; conceptualizing and designing his images, rather than merely executing photographs conceived by someone else. The result has been some of the most effective advertising photography in the history of Indian advertising, for clients like Samsung, Canon, Nestle, Microsoft, Indian Airlines, AirTel, IBM, Suzuki, Sony, Swissair ,Black Berries, Freelook,Yamaha, Papparazzy, Bombay selection, International Redcross,Unitech, Easeyes,LG, Dabur, GM, Times of India, Citizen, ArtDnox and many more.

When he is not out shooting his beloved elephants, Akash is one of the most sought after advertising photographers in India. His future plans include capturing on film elephants all across Asia, and then turn his attention to their African brethren.

In 2005 July, Akash had done his First solo show at Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Center, New Delhi.

On Invitation from an Art gallery in Paris Akash had a solo show of 55 of his creations at Caravane 6 rue pavee, Paris 75004 from 3rd October to 31st December 2005. The exhibition was a tremendous success there. Lots of mainline magazines and News Papers have written and published many of his creations.

This year the Exhibition was shown at Sammer Gallery in Mayami. Florida from 3rd November 2006 to 3rd January 2007.

In September 2007 There will be another Exhibition in Paris.

On July 2008 at Alliance France, New Delhi, The Prestigious Art Gallery in collaboration with French Embassy will hold a solo show Akash’s work.

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